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Tuesday 3 March 2015

visit the vatican

visit the vatican

is without doubt one of the most beautiful countries! This city contains many treasures, like the entire country. for those who love urban tourism, Italy is a paradise. The number of outstanding cities of this view are many: Florence, Pisa, Bologna, not forgetting of course Venice.
The particularity of visiting Rome is that you will also discover the same time another State: Vatican City.  you will discover one of the smallest states in the world. Small in size, but big in wealth and heritage that it has within its walls. 48 hours are still sufficient to have a good overview of the city that appeared to me as one of the most beautiful in Europe . Visit the Vatican, it is above all discover the St. Peter's Basilica. It was built on the spot where the apostle Peter was buried. It was embellished over the centuries, including Michelangelo. This is the balcony of the facade that is announced every new pope and given shrift.

visit the vatican

The St. Peter's Basilica

Many superlatives are attached to the St. Peter's Basilica. It is the largest church in Christendom with its 2, 3 ha and a capacity of 60 000 people. It is also one of the most visited monuments in the world.

Visit the Sistine Chapel

We were there just before the opening of the conclave. Some excitement reigned over St. Peter's Square. By cons, we could not, because of this event, visit the Sistine Chapel, which was then closed. This is indeed where the election is held the Pope. A little frustrating not being able to see the famous
 Sistine Chapel, one of the jewels of world heritage.

visit the vatican

The Vatican Museums

The Vatican has 11 museums in total. These museums are home to the world's treasures.

Besides the Sistine Chapel, here are several particularly interesting museums:

- The Gregorian Etruscan Museum: Etruscan and Roman antiquities.

- Art Gallery: paintings by masters from the Middle Ages to the nineteenth century. Poussin, Caravaggio, Giotto, only great people.

- The Missionary-Ethnological Museum. This museum has cult objects belonging to different religions.

- The Gallery of maps. A collection of maps produced between 1580 and 1583.

visit the vatican


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