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Tuesday 3 March 2015

travel to Germany

travel to Germany

Since the reunification of Germany, Berlin is a city to discover, whether to browse what's left of the Wall and the Cold War: the Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie crossing point between East and West the Karl Marx Allee and Soviet architecture; but also to enjoy its intense artistic and cultural life. Berlin is a place of creation, a city, especially in summer, festivals follow one another, and where many artists have settled in recent years. All the more easily accessible than transport (plane or train) are a low cost.
For my part, it is good to discovering Berlin, a really interesting city.
Traveling in Germany, it is not necessarily the first reflex that can have. Yet the country has a few surprises.

travel to Germany

The reasons to go

History is everywhere when talking about Germany, and perhaps even more of Berlin, the capital, symbol of reunification between West and East. Go to the meeting of the Pan European history may invite itself to travel, but it is far from the only reason to discover a country so close and actually quite unknown.
Berlin, for its historical significance, places that reminds  (museums or Check Point Charlie), but also for its cultural and artistic life and intense creativity. Art and contemporary architecture, festivals, music, alternative venues, Berlin remains an indisputable cultural capital;
Munich behind traditional Bavarian image and Beer Festival. Do we know, however, that this is one of the nicest cities in Germany to live, and, more surprisingly, it comes (spring 2014) to authorize the practice of naturism in the parks of the city center
An exceptional heritage, often overlooked: no less than forty sites are classified as UNESCO World Heritage, castles, cathedrals, ancient centers industrial or natural sites, spread throughout the country

travel to Germany

the coast of Friesland:

sandy beaches and the landscape, a clear influence of the Scandinavian traditions nearby who would think that a trip to Germany evokes seaside images?

Budget your trip to Germany

Sample prices means backpacking (excluding capital):

One night hotel: 15 € -30
A meal: € 10 or € 5 .
Bottled water: 0,5 €
Beer: 2, 3 euros


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