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Tuesday 18 January 2022

How to get rid of the of fear

How to get rid of the of fear

How to get rid of the of fear
How to get rid of the of fear

"If fear makes life difficult - paths in freedom," the lecture was overwritten, in which Angelika Gmehling talked about anxiety disorders, their causes, manifestations and treatment options. The courageous message: anxiety disorders can be treated, and those affected can themselves contribute a lot to their healing.
To answer this question, it is first to understand what are anxious, as they are created and how they differ from anxious feelings. In this article we go on exactly these points and show you in a video 7 strategies, with which you can stop your anxiety.

All people are afraid, again and again. Everyone knows the feeling when the body is flooded by stress hormones and switches red to alarm stage within second fractions. However, if the fear is independent when the degradation of the stress hormones failed, then the fear can become pathological. The fact that this phenomenon is no ridge, was on the great resonance - around 65 listeners had found themselves in the Heinrich-of-reins hall on the lecture, organized by the Nursing Association Murrhardt and the German Association of Health Care Murrhardt jointly organized.

What are anxiety thought?

Fear is a warning mechanism and should point to potentially life-threatening dangers. If our ancestors did not be afraid of the saber toothed tiger and want to stroke the big cat instead, we would not be here today.

Fears, whether they are justified or not, can be learned. But they can also be relocated again. For this reason, anxiety ideal can be stopped. People are afraid if the situation in which they are considered to be particularly threatening and / or if they have no or only insufficient resources to cope with the situation.

Anxious reaction shows on different levels. As a feeling in the body, the behavior and also on a mental level. So alone the thought can cause a fear that something bad will happen. Such catastrophes are therefore typical anxiety, because they trigger afraid and put your body into an alarm condition. But also expectation fears or take care of it. So all thoughts that make you anxious in some way.

It is important to understand: Fear thoughts are only thoughts. And not real - though they often feel like them.

Here's an example of how you can imagine dreams anxious:

You sit in the car and is the first to be a crossroads. The traffic light is red. You change the radio station because you do not like the song. The moment you show out, a truck rests on you. Shortly before the impact, your alarm clock tears out of sleep. You are scared and realize that you are sweating in bed. You dreamed, but just in the dream, it felt real for you.

So how can you stop anxiety? Just do not think about scary things? Theoretically yes. Practical is sometimes not so easy.

How arise fear?

Our thoughts control our lives and also our experience. Even if you only think of a potentially threatening situation, you will feel anxious. Our thoughts and our feelings are closely related to each other and influence each other.

Anxiety get rid of

Anxiety thoughts can be stopped by changing e.g. the evaluation of the angstousing situation. Or you use yourself resources with whom you can master the handling of Angstaußlösligen and make anxiety ideas. Resources are skills, skills, but also external factors such as friends and family who can strengthen you and help you manage hurdles.

For this reason, we would like to introduce you to a detailed video with 7 strategies here, which make it easier to deal with fears. In the video, the psychological psychotherapeutin Anna Lübberding approaches you approaches that can be overcome.

Anxious diseases are a mass phenomenon, around 20 percent of all German sufferings below. A manifestation of fear is the panic attack on which the speaker was first entered. This meets the sufferers like a lightning out of the blue. Heart grass, sensing in the chest, shortness of breath, nausea and sweat - all this leads to suffer that those affected are often suffering from death. Trigger can be, for example, overcrowded rooms, but also a drive through a tunnel or a flight. According to such an experience, many affected avoid the critical situations. You will not go to the department store, into the theater, do not use a car or plane more and scents more and more. In addition, the fear of fear, which in turn can cause other panic attacks - a vicious circle that affects life massively.
Angelika Gmehling explained the processes that occur in the brain for anxiety. The sensory organs send stimuli to the thalamus in the intermediate brain, which forwards them to the amygdala, the so-called almond core. This triggers a stress reaction throughout the body; In second fractions, adrenaline is distributed, the heart begins to graze, the blood pressure shoots up. How important this age-old mechanism is, Gmehling illustrated using the example of a Neanderthaler who suddenly sees itself a primeval bear. To survive, he must immediately mobilize all physical reserves to react: with fight or escape.

In modern, scared people, the deeper causes of panic attacks can be in stressful experiences such as separation, the death of a relative or a feeling of prisoners at work, in a marriage or an apartment. In about ten percent of the cases, panic attacks are triggered by drug use.
In the treatment of such disturbances, two methods have proven itself, Angelika explains Gmehling. On the one hand, the so-called cognitive behavioral therapy in which patients of the afraid situation are deliberately exposed. "You let the fear come like a wave that goes over and then descends," the doctor describes this therapy. "That's very unpleasant, but it helps in many cases," says your experience. Another approach is physical activity. The speaker told by a young patient whose therapy was only to jog in three times a week, and so that his anxiety disrupted.

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