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Monday 27 December 2021

Here is 4 plans you should write for the new year 2022

 Here is 4 plans you should write for the new year 2022

Here is 4 plans you should write for the new year 2022
Here is 4 plans you should write for the new year 2022

Year after year - for many people that also applies to the calendar. We chat, stream, zoom and nimble. We synchronize shopping lists with loved ones, measure the pulse digitally and count steps. Read e-papers and shop online. We also send each other entries for the digital calendar. A real calendar, with pages made of paper and hard cover, continues to accompany many people. And they buy a new one every year, register birthdays, draw up to-do lists, and note down instructions from the boss.

It is questionable whether the person is really relieved with the offers of all the online service providers that are supposed to make life easier. The ever-growing calendar business points in a different direction. There are the annual planners, mindfulness planners, travel planners, financial planners, exam planners, fertility treatment planners, wedding planners, planners for groomsmen and backward-looking planners. Some planning concepts are so complex that the organizational stuff probably takes more time than the implementation.

The first invitations for the new year have arrived and the question arises as to how much planning is needed for 2022. Psychologist Denise Ginzburg advises: With every planning there should always be enough room for the unplanned.

Denise Ginzburg, a psychologist, has already planned her 2022 pretty well. She starts planning the new year in the summer of the previous year. She asks friends and relatives whether there are any festivities coming up in the New Year and talks to her family about vacation planning. It is always important to her to keep the balance between the planned and the unplanned.

Me-time shouldn't be neglected

She therefore advises actively blocking time for spontaneous things so that these days or hours are not accidentally rescheduled for other appointments. Your first step is always to plan the vacations to build everything else around it. She also blocks long bridging days or just afternoons when she deliberately has no plans.

Listen to your gut instinct when planning

But how do you find out which system is the right one for you? Often it also helps here to simply listen to your gut instinct. Extroverts may spend less time with themselves and draw a lot more energy from meeting other people. Other people refuel better when they can really relax and just do nothing. But you can plan both.

It is best to use yearly and weekly planners

For Denise Ginzburg, an appointment calendar is the be-all and end-all. With calendars that run from week to week, however, she sees the danger that they often lead to losing sight of the big picture. That is why she advises purchasing an annual planner at the same time.

Reconnect to your vision

Your vision is what your business is all about.

What you do things for.

  • Has your vision changed since last year or has it stayed the same?
  • Does your business mission seem to have changed?
  • Has your client at heart changed a bit?

Take the time to clarify your vision, to continue to build a business in your image.

I invite you to write this vision down, come back to it over several days, and dig into it (through writing in particular).

In addition to working on my vision, I like to give intention to my year ahead.

An intention is an aspiration that sticks to your vision.

It can be symbolized by a wor


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