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Monday 20 December 2021

SPECIAL REPORT: What are the benefits of investing in a new website?

 SPECIAL REPORT: What are the benefits of investing in a new website?

SPECIAL REPORT: What are the benefits of investing in a new website?
SPECIAL REPORT: What are the benefits of investing in a new website?

Anyone who still operates a web design from 2010 or older today will lose out in comparison with modern Internet sites. It starts directly with the graphic design and continues with the content - not to mention short loading times and device adaptation. However, in order to remain competitive, a website that is optimized in every respect is of crucial importance. On the other hand, a new internet presence initially incurs costs. And some entrepreneurs think that they can create their own homepage with the help of a universal construction program, or their IT-savvy neighbors are asked. The result is often error messages and search engine listing in meaningless nirvana.

However, a professionally designed website sets different standards. At first glance, the higher costs are quickly amortized because the focus is on the user experience. Functionality, a well thought-out concept with a logical link structure and a Google-compliant backend framework are what count. The professionals also know how to set up appealing layouts or how to harmoniously and effectively coordinate images, text content and video contributions. You also consider mobile, internet-enabled devices such as smartphones or tablets - responsive web design is the magic word these days. In addition, there is a demand for moving content that generates a great deal of dynamism with relatively simple means. Why? Because the competitors are already using it! And you?

Why is the cost of a new homepage worthwhile?

The costs of creating a new website cannot be summed up in numbers. They are fundamentally dependent on offers as well as the type and scope of a homepage. Basically, websites are available for every requirement and budget. If you don't want a boring “off the shelf” website, all that counts is an individual consultation with the web designer.

But the question of whether it is worth investing in a new website is not only answered by experts with a clear yes! Because an optimally functioning homepage, which is regularly maintained and always follows the zeitgeist, is given preferential treatment by Google and Co. and ends up at the top of the search results. This in turn generates traffic on the site and ensures an increase in sales or an increased order volume in the medium term. In addition, the redesign contributes significantly to the acquisition of new customers. Therefore, the additional cost factor is paid off very quickly and has a positive effect on the general return on investment of a company. The so-called return on investment (ROI) is a benchmark for the efficiency of a company.

Return on investment. By multiplying the return on sales by the capital turnover, the ROI is calculated as a percentage: Profit ÷ total capital x 100 = ROI

Not 0-8-15, but individuality according to company orientation

The success of a company also requires a certain degree of individuality. Therefore, a website should emphasize the special features of products, services or info content not only textually, but also optically. Or to put it another way: Every group needs its own layout, which on the one hand is appealing to the user and on the other hand reflects the essential characteristics of a company - the corporate identity (CI). Ideally, the design already graphically focuses on the unique selling points (USPs) that distinguish the company. A standard layout that is only adapted cannot meet this requirement.

In addition, the online handicraft shop has a different focus than the car workshop or the optician's specialty shop. Depending on the orientation of the company and the purpose of the website (image, sale or information), different designs are required. Should the appearance convey emotions, radiate seriousness or present the latest trends? These examples make it clear that a 0-8-15 layout is not effective in most cases. Because today's Internet users are spoiled, they expect something special that is out of the ordinary.

What is the purpose of the website?

In order to find out which design a homepage needs, the question of the meaning and purpose of the presence can be helpful. Depending on whether they are used to promote sales, convey the idea of service or be a source of information for existing customers, there are different requirements. This also applies if the page is intended for customer acquisition and, for example, displays reviews and references or draws attention to special offers.

Other indicators are:

The size of a company and the resulting scope of the website
Integration of an online shop with the necessary data protection and security aspects
Supplement with landing pages, portfolio pages or advice and blog areas with comments


Delivery head
"Digital Jetzt" is funding for medium-sized companies from all industries. The number of employees is the limiting factor. Companies with a size of 3 to 499 employees are funded. A total of 203 million euros are available for the program. Companies can apply for a maximum funding amount of 50,000 euros. The exact amount is determined on the basis of quotas. The quotas are graded according to the size of the company. These are currently at a higher level than planned. The BMWi also uses the program to limit the effects of the Corona crisis., Quotas of

up to 50% for companies with up to 50 employees
up to 45% for companies with up to 250 employees
up to 40% for companies with up to 499 employees.
After that, the quotas will be reduced by 10% each.


The program is also interesting for our guild. Websites can be drivers of digitization in companies. You are probably wondering how your website is contributing to digitization. We would like to briefly explain how a website can become a core element in your digital business model.

We believe that a website is a company's digital home. Here your company introduces itself and offers its services. In addition, a website can also become part of the value chain. The simplest example is the online shop - the retail store of the digital age.

In addition, there are other processes within sales that can be mapped online.


"Digital Now" includes funding module 1. It should be used for investments in software and hardware, especially for networking the company. On the website of the BMWi, the promotion of a website with online sales is also explicitly named as a use case of the program.

Basically nothing stands in the way of funding. However, there are a couple of points to keep in mind. On the one hand, you have 12 months to implement your funded project. In addition, the planned expenses must be substantiated by means of offers or estimates.

It should also be noted that consulting services in the run-up to the actual funding are not funded. This affects, among other things, the creation of the digitization plan.

If you are interested in this topic, we would like to draw your attention to the “go-digital” funding program, which was set up precisely for this purpose. Both programs build on each other. So you can benefit from double funding.

The BMWi offers a valuable FAQ on its website. Have a look there too to get an overview.


There are a variety of resources on the Internet. The range of information provided by the BMWi is extensive. In addition, there are funding advisors who have a good overview of the topic. They have specialized in this topic and help medium-sized companies with planning and applications.

As a web agency with experience in setting up online sales and online marketing, we are happy to be on board as a partner. Our services include the concept and implementation of your website. Please contact us in advance for advice. We are of course also available to determine costs.


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