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Tuesday 9 November 2021

Exclusive and assured: SQUID GAME SEASON 2 SOON!!

Exclusive and assured: SQUID GAME SEASON 2 SOON!!

Director Hwang Dong-hyuk spoiled the content of Season 2 of ‘Squid Game’ in CNN interview Director Hwang Dong-hyuk of the Netflix original 'Squid Game', which is gaining popularity around the world, mentioned season 2.

Exclusive and assured SQUID GAME SEASON 2 SOON!!

On the 8th (local time), director Hwang Dong-hyuk conducted a video interview with director Hwang Dong-hyuk at CNN Film School. During the interview, director Hwang talked about the production of season 2 of 'Squid Game'.

Director Hwang said, "If there is a season 2, there was a corner that I had to talk about, and I want to talk about things that haven't been explained yet."

He said, “The past of Frontman (Lee Byung-hun) and Jun-ho’s (Ha-joon Wi) story were not explained in Season 1, so I will try to explain that part in Season 2.”

Hwang also predicted the appearance of Gong Yoo. He added, “I want to tell the story of a man carrying a ticket in his bag, as well as the character Gong Yoo plays.” Although nothing has been decided on season 2 of 'Squid Game' yet, director Hwang said, "Many people are waiting, so I'm thinking about it." According to the wishes of fans, in Season 2 of ‘Squid Game’, attention is focused on whether the frontman’s life history, the story of ‘Takjiman’ will be available.

Squid Game’ is gaining popularity all over the world. According to FlixPatrol, a global OTT content ranking site on the 9th, this drama maintained the top spot in the 'Netflix Today Top 10 TV Programs' category on the 8th. In addition, Korean games such as 'The Flower of Mugunghwa has bloomed' in 'Squid Game' are attracting a lot of attention among overseas netizens, and related goods such as green gym clothes and dalgona sets are also popular.

Director Hwang said, "It's a story about losers fighting each other and how the losers die. ‘Squid Game’ is a work that director Hwang Dong-hyeok has been preparing for more than a decade. Director Hwang was in charge of both the script and directing of 'Squid Game'. He also revealed that he lost six teeth due to excessive stress.

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