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Tuesday 31 March 2015

Natural drinks for the treatment of impotence

Natural drinks for the treatment of impotence

If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, you are not obliged to resort to chemical products to get activity and strength, there are natural alternatives you're capable of resorting to a natural juices that give effect uneven, but at least will not be harmful side effects, such as products and pharmaceutical chemical. Here are the most popular types of natural beverages and most useful and effective for the treatment of sexual weakness.

- Pomegranate juice helps to treat sexual impotence in men as it protects against heart disease and cancer, and because it contains anti-oxidant substances helps the blood flow in the male member. pomegranate contains  juice the phenolic compounds anti-sclerosis that increase blood activation process in the whole body.

- Pumpkin juice increases the level of sex hormones such as testosterone

- Coconut juice increases the sexual power in men, and increases the size of the secretions of semen markedly. What is meant here the interior of the fruit of the coconut, not rolling in the market, one fruit is sufficient  to get desired result.

- Drink a cup of hot ginger increases sexual power, especially after half an hour of eating, as it is used in a lot of prescriptions as containing colloidal materials and starchy repellents gases in cases of bloating and useful in cases of indigestion.

- Carrot juice is very rich in vitamin A, which increases the fertility of germ cells in semen, also increases the fertility of germ cells in the ovary, and the body's resistance generally. And therefore that vitamin A deficiency causes dryness germ cells of male and female.

- Pineapple juice strengthens the sexual aspects and activates nerves and strengthens the erection process, so it is advisable drinking it from day to day for those who suffer from the chill in sexual intercourse.


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