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Friday 20 February 2015

Olive oil to get rid of excess weight!

Olive oil

 In Two recent studies conducted by Dr. Jane Speller and Dr. Bonnie Bruce of the Centre for Health Research and Studies in California , show them that the transition from a traditional Western diet, meat and eating fast occupies a large part, to the Mediterranean system , it is a system with the famous Mediterranean population is characterized by a lot of olive oil in the food eaten as a daily rate of up to 35% from fats)
Consider the amazing results of eating olive oil, olives, roughly one-third as it proved in the previous two studies , has separately been shown to these researchers that a Mediterranean diet rich in olive oil for a period of 4 weeks, brought about a change in the composition of blood fats, overall low rate of cholesterol , as the harmful LDL cholesterol decreased , And the body's natural defenses antioxidant improved and that which protect human from aging, cancers, heart disease and other neurological diseases such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease, which is directly linked to the free roots which has an anti olive oil!! It is true that the rate of consumption of fat in this diet has increased to 35% increase of olive oil, but that did not affect the overall rate of energy and never affects overweight These two studies as proved. 


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