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Tuesday 24 February 2015

how to be loved!

how to be loved!

how to be loved!

Have you heard about personal magnetism? Have you ever seen a beloved personalities and I you wanted to be like him? Do you think they were born as well?

Please now get ready and you learn how to become like them!20 recipe of the finest qualities concise and interesting manner.

1-committed bright smile (she Gateway to break the ice with a barrier around you).

2. word sincere  praise (praise, but without hypocrisy or mirrors).

3. Stay away from controversy (the controversy is a way to stubbornness of the other party).

4. treated with others as you wish to be treated.

5. sought excuses to others (always excuses made to them and away from the admonition).

6. Do not get angry for whatever reason (anger of the devil).

7. salute all of offset either know or do not know (the greeting is sincere about courting for anyone).

8. Give gifts to love one another (gift has an impressive magical effect on others).

9. Learn how to listen (others like always hear them).

10-thought playful spirit (Post around you optimism and hope and always stay away from pessimism).

11. Do not be like the fly (Be lightly always in all things do not increase or decrease).

12-Make others always thought that the idea their idea (Give them the impression that what is proposed or you can think of are also partners in it.

13-all with humility (human nature always shies away from the arrogant and transcendent).

14. Learn to always forgives (Push saying soft, forcing who in front of you to respects you).

15. Do not stand in a queue tips owners (Say what you want but make it in front of you does not alienate you).

16-Be with others in bad times before good times (share sorrows and weddings).

17. learn not to criticize others (talk go away and its impact remains in the subconscious mind).

18. Do not laugh too much in the attitudes that needn't it (Laughter sometimes loses its prestige and dignity).

19. Learn to be humble, patient (two qualities that God loves them).

20 - Be like a bee (stands for all the flower of which you shall take their juice without hurt ).


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