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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

7 ideas to increase your weight healthy increase

7 ideas to increase your weight healthy increase

Some women and girls who are suffer of thinness and weakness weight significantly, and want to gain weight in a healthy way, including not make them suffer from fat accumulation or other problems such as cholesterol and so on, and asks each of them how they can increase their weight and overcome these slim
Below offer you some important tips:

1. Eat every 3 to 4 hours almost nearly 5 meals rather than three meals.

2.  the 2 main meals should be large which is breakfast and lunch then 3 snacks one between breakfast and lunch and the other between lunch and dinner but make mild dinner.

3. eat a lot of eating fruits and vegetables.

4. Focus on fruits and vegetables highest in calories, such as peas, carrots, mangoes, figs, dates, grapes, but without severe overeating.

5. make a lot intake of water and natural juices and fruit juices, can desalinate but without overeating.

6. Not too much fat and sugar, but more of carbohydrates and whole grains in their natural image and not duplicate.

7. Eat a certain amount of sugars a day without overeating as you can eating dark chocolate and regular white or cakes of all kinds.


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